Marathon Credit Card

The whole reason most people are using gasoline cards these days is for the convenience of being able to just make their payment at the gas pump. Now think how many eyebrows will rise when they find out that the Marathon Credit Card is accepted at well close to 5,000 locations. The other reason that people have been draw to a card like the Marathon Credit Card s that they can earn and use rewards just for purchasing the gasoline they would have needed to purchase anyway. Being able to make money, save money or collect any type of benefits for things that we do every day is becoming a new past time for many. The information you see for APR and such to the side of this article is for the original Marathon Credit Card as the picture of it is shown. However, we will make mention of a couple of the Marathon Credit Cards here in this article. Hopefully one of these cards will be the perfect gasoline card for you.

Marathon has four different types of cards that they are offering. The cards they offer are their Cash Credit Card, Gift Card, Regular Credit Card, and Premier Credit Card. and guess what? They have a couple others for businesses which are the SuperFleet card, Commercial Card, and the Fleet Card. Marathon is not only a distributor of fuel, as people don't seem to recognize. Marathon is also involved in the sales of propane and asphalt as well. And in addition to that, they also are into retail items as they have their retail stores connected to their gasoline stores. It's a great thing that they also will provide their Marathon Credit Card to you with no annual fees so that you can use them at the gas pumps without having any other fees to worry about. Their card also has online capability and allows you to learn more about your fuel consumption and how it's costing you as well.

The Marathon Consumer Premier Credit Card gives you rebates of 2% monthly according to the amount of purchases you have for that month. Also, when you make purchases for airline tickets and hotels you will receive 5% cash back on all of your purchases each month. How about a movie? Use your Marathon Credit Card and you will get half off on your tickets no matter which theatre you select. Did you get locked out of your car before? There's a free locksmith coming because of your Marathon Credit Card. And if by chance you just got stranded away from home, they will even wire you $1,500 no matter where you are.


No matter what type of vehicle you have or ride in, that vehicle will need gasoline to function. Why not use the Marathon Credit Card and take a whole lot of precautions just by having that powerful piece of plastic in your pocket. Until you have been stranded yourself, locked out of your vehicle or out of gas you may never understand the totality of the Marathon Credit Card. Go ahead, check it out, if it's not for you then pass on to the next deal because there are so many out there.